From Hennessy (cross posted from Mysteries and Conundrums):

 Just a slight diversion to let you know of a new site we have put together to update folks on the 150th observances in the Fredericksburg-Stafford-Spotsylvania Region.  You can find the site here

We’ll not be too chatty about things over there–the purpose of the site is largely functional.  If you have questions, do let us know. 

The Baptist Church, setting for November 20th's Years of Anguish program

The first event is set for November 20, with Drs. Bill Freehling and George Rable coming to join us in a discussion about secession and the election of 1860 as it played out on the national, state, and local level.  It’s the first of eight planned speaker’s forums in a series called Years of Anguish. The subtitle on this one:  The Coming Storm

The afternoon sessions will be preceded by a walk-around at Brompton, the home of Fredericksburg’s delegate to the 1861 secession conventions.  All these events are free, though we do ask that you pre-register for the afternoon speaker’s forum at the Baptist Church (a wonderful historic building, about which we have written a fair amount here).  We are excited to be able to combine the combination of powerful minds and powerful places to help convey a greater understanding of this story.  We hope to see all of you on November 20.