A twist on The List

From John Hennessy:

As many of you know, we have been working with Al Conner and the Trail to Freedom on a list of slaves who trekked to freedom through Fredericksburg and Stafford in 1862 (see here and here). The Virginia Historical Society has started a similar project, using their own collections. Check out the story here.

3 thoughts on “A twist on The List

  1. This is an important and worthwhile undertaking. I hope that all of your readers who may have information to share on this subject will do so.

  2. I am involved in a very similar project. Luckily, a list of slaves from the area I am studying was compiled around 1863, microfilmed I think in 2004, and I transcribed it in 2010 and published it to the Web. I have little doubt that if 10,000 African Americans left Stafford and crossed the Rappahannock someone wrote down their names. I would love to talk about ways to work together on this.

    Visit my site at http://www.lastroadtofreedom.com and click on Register of Freedmen.

    This is such important work. Please pass this information on to the Connors as well.

  3. Alisea: Thanks for the link. We are happy to share it. We are going to organize a concerted effort to go through National Archives sources looking for names related to the 1862 exodus. Unfortunately, there is NO indication that anyone made any formal list of former slaves who passed into Union lines in 1862–most of them moved swiftly, with little formal involvement of the government beyond transportation. We are left, then, with going through the Confederate Citizens Files, which are a small gold mine, but a challenge to work through. We continue to add names on a regular basis. I think we can get up around 1,000 or so…. Thanks for reading, and let’s keep in touch. John

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