From John Hennessy:

It’s time to concede to time.

When I conceived this blog last year, the idea was for it to be a collaborative effort among public historians in the Fredericksburg area. Well, that idea flopped–the interest from local public historians just was not there.

Since then, Fredericksburg Remembered has become a place for musing about public history itself and about Fredericksburg’s history beyond the battlefields. While I think we have done some nice things, the workload involved in maintaining two blogs is a bit much. And so, some changes.

Fredericksburg Remembered will remain, but posts here will become less frequent. Those of you looking forward to two, three, or even four posts a week will likely have to get used to perhaps one.  My thanks to all of you who have come along for the ride, and my apologies for any disappointment.  The exploration will continue, but at a slower pace….