The Earthquake

From John Hennessy:

It certainly counts as one of the three or four strangest experiences of my life–the 45 seconds of confusion and even fear that accompanied the earthquake the other day. Many have rejoiced in being able to have checked something off their bucket list, and I confess I would be enthused about that too, except for the real damage the quake did. Indeed, the toll seems to be highest on historic buildings. In Culpeper, several buildings in the downtown were condemned. We had no such dramatics in Fredericksburg, but chimneys by the dozen tumbled, and not a few places had cracks and other bothersome problems.

You can find photos of the damage to the Fredericksburg Area Museum, in the old town hall, here.  And here too is video from of damage to the historic town hall and the building across the street, and the treatment undertaken on both.

One thought on “The Earthquake

  1. A crane? Weren’t they worried the crane would cause additional damage? Any plans for a rebuild? No chance of saving any historic brick when using a crane… Sometimes Mother Nature forces our hand in preservation, doesn’t it?

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